Hillary Clinton’s Speech Is The Worst Attempt Ever To Secure Votes

November 4, 2022 admin 0

Hillary Clinton’s rant about Republicans is an insult to the American people. She would have you believe that the problems in our country are currently the direct result of the Republican party. The former secretary of state failed to address any real issues and complained about MAGA Republicans and voter intimidation.

Feds Hint Smaller Rate Increases In The Future

November 3, 2022 admin 0

Rate rises may slow down as officials acknowledge how they affect the economy with a lag. To combat inflation, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by 0.75 percentage points and announced its intention to continue doing so, although in smaller increments.

Democrats Fail To Secure Trump’s Taxes Before November Election

November 2, 2022 admin 0

Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked a House committee from obtaining Donald Trump’s tax returns on Tuesday, issuing an administrative order that suggests the Supreme Court will not act on the former president’s emergency petition to shield his finances from congressional investigators until after the midterm elections next week.

The U.S. is Almost Out of Diesel

October 31, 2022 admin 0

As a result of news that diesel reserves have been depleted and, if not replenished, may run out within a month, sparking fears of shortages and price hikes, the Biden administration says it’s closely monitoring the diesel situation. Which means we should all be worried.

Republicans on the Verge of Flipping Nevada

October 27, 2022 admin 0

Polls indicate that Republicans in Nevada have a decent chance of winning numerous midterm elections in a state where high prices on everything from fuel to rent are pulling voters away from Democrats.

Republican Leaders Want To Rein In Biden’s Spending

October 26, 2022 admin 0

Top Republican legislators say they’ll use the federal debt ceiling to force President Biden to negotiate if they regain control of Congress, threatening to rekindle high-stakes brinkmanship that might drive the U.S. into default and create big new issues for the White House next year.

Biden’s New Oil Plan Has Some Very Big Flaws

October 24, 2022 admin 0

After releasing the largest amount of oil ever from the U.S. emergency petroleum reserve, the Biden administration has signaled that it will soon replenish the reserve, a multibillion-dollar endeavor that it thinks will stimulate the stagnant domestic drilling industry.