Congratulations, Democrats: America’s Teens Are Becoming Brainless

March 14, 2023 DT 0

America’s teens now have the lowest IQs in nearly a hundred years. It has been apparent that we were heading down this road, especially in light of the current woke education system. However, this is now being demonstrated: the woke brainwashing that passes for education in the United States today is dumbing down our youth, but what can one expect when the education system is teaching that it is okay for girls to be boys and boys to be girls?

DeSantis: Woke Economics Caused the Demise of SVB

March 13, 2023 Matt 0

The demise of Silicon Valley Bank can be attributed to its decision to prioritize woke economics over its primary function. On Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remarked that this tragedy might have been avoided if federal regulations weren’t confusing.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Abandons the Term Sanctuary City

March 10, 2023 DT 0

When Republican border governors began transporting illegal aliens that the federal government had released into their states to northern cities such as New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago, Democratic mayors in those cities complained incessantly because they were being forced to fulfill their pledges to provide a safe haven for illegal aliens. In reality, their complaint was a political assault.

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DeSantis Takes On Gavin Newsom In His Own Backyard

March 7, 2023 DT 0

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida may have been addressing an out-of-state audience, but that did not prevent him from pounding home his concerns. DeSantis quipped at the outset of his address that Californians had many difficulties. He found it ironic that the Governor of California was worried about what he was doing in Florida, so he decided to drop by to address that.

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Trump’s Op-Ed: Targeting Covid Censorship

March 6, 2023 Matt 0

Trump has called for a reckoning and an end to malevolent censorship regimes, both foreign and domestic, after experiencing the stifling effect of censorship firsthand after being de-platformed by every social media firm in January 2021 in a concerted strike directly at the core of free expression.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Assaulted in a Restaurant For Being A Vocal Gun-Loving Conservative

March 3, 2023 DT 0

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, tweeted on Monday evening that she was “attacked” while dining in a restaurant with her staff. MTG tweeted that she was assaulted in a restaurant tonight by a psychotic woman and yelled at by her adult son. She went on to day that they exhibited no regard for the restaurant, its employees, the other diners, or those like herself who just hold different political ideas.

Covid-19 Man-Made, Republicans Pissed Over The Level Of Democratic Corruption

February 28, 2023 DT 0

Republicans Respond To Reported Energy Department Assessment That COVID ‘Likely’ Leaked From Wuhan Laboratory. Republican senators replied to a news article stating that the U.S. Energy Department had assessed the lab leak idea as “probable” by asserting that the conclusion confirms what many have long thought.