Trump’s Op-Ed: Targeting Covid Censorship

By taking the offensive in a scorching hot op-ed and a barn burner of a speech at CPAC, former President Donald Trump has already made his initial claim to the 2024 Republican party candidacy.

After the bombshell report that COVID likely came from a leak at a Chinese bio lab and not a bat at a wet market, Trump took to his newspaper column to blast China, a theory he had previously put forth but had been stifled by critics and the communist regime’s domestic lackeys. Trump blamed the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Chinese bio lab, for releasing the virus.

Trump estimated the cost of the global virus outbreak and the cover-up of its source at more than $50 trillion and vehemently insisted that Beijing pay the money as reparations.

Trump added that responsibility must be placed on China and the corrupt forces that have enabled this massive cover-up of the truth.

Trump wrote that the official narrative of the entire corrupt globalist establishment, from the World Health Organization, media, Anthony Fauci, public health authorities, and corrupt Silicon Valley tech giants to Joe Biden, worked tirelessly to silence and censor suggestions that the so-called lab leak theory could be accurate.

Trump has called for a reckoning and an end to malevolent censorship regimes, both foreign and domestic, after experiencing the stifling effect of censorship firsthand after being de-platformed by every social media firm in January 2021 in a concerted strike directly at the core of free expression.

Trump claimed in his article that the lab leak was not used for political purposes and that the world now understands the truth about the censorship campaigns. Hence, these political parties did the CCP’s bidding and effectively pushed Chinese propaganda on the Western world.

This controversy is the best reminder of why people must have free speech, and it highlights the need to abolish horrifying censorship regimes in the United States and the West.

After landing at National Harbor, Maryland, the former president gave a fiery speech to an energized crowd of conservatives at CPAC, promising to destroy the Deep State if he ever returned to the White House, referencing the influential, unelected entities that tried everything to destroy his political career but ultimately failed.

Trump wrote that President Joe Biden was about to give away American sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats in preparation for the next epidemic as part of an agreement with the globalist devils at the World Health Organization.

He claimed that the United States and other participants in this monstrous globalist scheme would put themselves on a path to cede control of the healthcare system to unelected officials in other countries. These same individuals have made severe mistakes in their understanding of COVID-19. Just as they hid the truth about the Wuhan Lab, the draft treaty silences dissenting voices regarding public health matters.

The globalist body’s pandemic treaty to silence disagreeing voices, critics of lockdowns, mask mandates, and compulsory vaccines when the next outbreak occurs would impose the most frightening censorship in the planet’s history. Trump said the United States and all free nations should have no part in the insanity.

Trump has been quite vocal about the importance of holding China accountable, something some people believe Biden has been avoiding doing for malicious reasons.

Now that China’s guilt has been shown beyond a reasonable doubt, it must pay the price for releasing this global pandemic. Trump wrote that Biden is incredibly weak on China since his family allegedly got millions of dollars from organizations with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

As a result, Trump has declared that tariffs, levies, and a worldwide summit on reparations are all fair game in his quest to collect this restitution. The global community has an obligation to prevent the recurrence of this tragedy.