New York City Mayor Eric Adams Abandons the Term Sanctuary City

When Republican border governors began transporting illegal aliens that the federal government had released into their states to northern cities such as New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago, Democratic mayors in those cities complained incessantly because they were being forced to fulfill their pledges to provide a safe haven for illegal aliens. In reality, their complaint was a political assault.

Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, stated it is incomprehensible what the governor of Texas has done, considering that this country has historically been kind to individuals escaping persecution. He added that the U.S. always welcomed immigrants, and the governor is not doing that in Texas. Adams went on to state that they were going to correct that and help these families.

That lasted until August of last year. Adams has suddenly chosen not to accept any more illegal immigrants, despite his continuous boasts that New York is a “sanctuary city.”

According to Washington Examiner: After months of complaints that the city’s resources were being taxed, Adams stated that illegal immigrants would be relocated across the country. According to documents, as of March 2023, there were 79,937 persons in shelter placement in New York City. This is mostly attributable to the influx of newcomers. Adams stated that their shelter system was at capacity, and they were running out of money, personnel, and space.

New York City will thus begin transporting illegal immigrants to other parts of the country via bus. This is a long cry from Adams’s moralistic campaign rhetoric. According to Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other far-left activists, it may even constitute “trafficking.”

Adams attempted to relocate illegal immigrants to Canada, but the Canadians protested vehemently. Even the New York Times noted the apparent hypocrisy of Adams’s program.

New York officials, who formerly criticized Texas officials for transporting refugees from the southern border via bus and deemed the practice barbaric, are now purchasing bus tickets for arrivals seeking asylum in Canada.

Mayor Eric Adams has subsequently begun echoing the views of southern politicians, saying the city was crumbling under the burden of receiving more than 42,000 individuals in need. His only alternative now is to shuttle illegals to cities across the country. Apparently, he has disregarded his past assertions about how “inhumane” Texas’ busing of illegal immigrants was.

The mayor stated that there are cities in the state and around the country that want to play the role. They recognize that this is a national issue.

It’s funny how it only became a “national crisis” when illegal aliens began to overrun New York City’s shelters. Adams’ refusal to identify the cities with whom New York was cooperating is amusing. Adams said he is not stating which cities because he does not want reporters racing to the cities and stopping them. He told reporters that he is aware of their efforts to put cities against cities, and therefore he will not be providing them with the cities they are supposedly partnering with.

The media relishes “pitting cities against cities”? This is a clever attempt at gaslighting. In reality, the places where he intends to transport migrants do not want their residents to know what they are doing because it is all about openness.

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