DeSantis: Woke Economics Caused the Demise of SVB

The demise of Silicon Valley Bank can be attributed to its decision to prioritize woke economics over its primary function. On Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis remarked that this tragedy might have been avoided if federal regulations weren’t confusing.

The Florida Republican argued that the bank’s attention on DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) politics and other matters distracted it from its primary objective.

The bank promotes DEI initiatives as part of its broader policy. It is building a sense of inclusion with a global workforce that embraces increasing diversity and reflects the markets it aspires to serve.

DeSantis, though, focused on the enormous federal bureaucracy rather than the bank’s investment strategy or the investors’ run on the bank.

DeSantis also framed his recent trip to Iowa as a book promotion stop rather than the first sign that he’ll be running for president in 2024 as the GOP nominee, as has been widely predicted.

He said people are buying the book, which is a good sign. When asked about other states that have done an excellent job in Florida, he and his friend, Gov. Kim Reynolds, constantly indicate Iowa since it has implemented many of the same policies that have been successful in Florida.

DeSantis pointed out that people from all over the country flock to Florida because they are dissatisfied with their own state, whereas Iowans report feeling content in their home state.

There is a shortage of leadership in this country, said DeSantis, adding that he hasn’t been doing any polling since he took office because he does not believe a leader should be held captive by polls.

He explained that leaders influence followers by changing their perspectives. The state of Florida is a shining example of successful policymaking, yet its margin of victory grew from 32,000 in 2018 to 1.5 million in 2022. Because of a swing in the electorate in favor of the Republicans, Governor Ron DeSantis won with the most significant margin of victory in the state’s history. Proof that followers don’t need to always agree with their leader to respect and depend on them.

DeSantis also made some remarks on the federal judge’s decision last week to side with Florida and invalidate a parole-like program that would have effectively freed migrants into the country.

DeSantis claimed that the verdict proved that President Joe Biden had broken the law, his oath of office, and the Constitution.

Using the concept of parole and reinterpreting undermines U.S. immigration regulations, which is why millions of immigrants flood across the border illegally every year. So many end up being released into local communities on parole by President Biden.

DeSantis also spoke about the progress in Florida, as outlined in his book. This includes the fight against Disney’s governance and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s COVID rules.

He claimed that Disney has ruled over an area of 44 square miles since the late ’60s. The State of Florida did the right thing by eliminating the district’s self-governing status since the district lacked transparency and was accountable to no one except the law. This was because the district received enormous tax incentives for lobbying against fundamental principles of the state, such as parental rights and the welfare of children.