Congratulations, Democrats: America’s Teens Are Becoming Brainless

America’s teens now have the lowest IQs in nearly a hundred years. It has been apparent that we were heading down this road, especially in light of the current woke education system. However, this is now being demonstrated: the woke brainwashing that passes for education in the United States today is dumbing down our youth, but what can one expect when the education system is teaching that it is okay for girls to be boys and boys to be girls? Or the fact that the Founding Fathers were all racist white supremacist enslavers and that learning pronouns is more important than algebra,  calculus, or even proper English, where they teach you the correct pronouns.

Campus Reform noted this past Wednesday that the problem is not limited to young people. Recent research reveals that, for the first time in over a century, the average IQ of Americans is falling. The study published in the May-June 2023 issue of Intelligence reveals that 18- to 22-year-olds experience the biggest drop in intellectual abilities: the highest variations in yearly scores were identified for this age group. Such a shocker!

James Flynn, a philosopher and intelligence researcher who died in 2020, was the first to observe the following phenomenon: In 1932, average IQ scores improved by around three to five points every decade. In other words, younger generations are anticipated to have a higher IQ than the preceding generation. Yet, after a decade or more of Leftist domination in the education business, the “Flynn effect” is now in reversal. The study demonstrates an overall fall in IQ scores between 2006 and 2018.

Campus Reform adds that overall losses stayed true across age groups after adjusting for educational achievement and gender. However, the study indicates that cognitive abilities are declining more rapidly among younger people.

Why may this be occurring? The study’s authors believe that the quality of education might play a role in reversing the IQ improvements obtained by prior generations. How about that, reverse it by teaching youngsters critical thinking skills instead of flooding their minds with Communist slogans and social contagions? Clearly, the current system is focusing class time on teaching the Left’s sexual obsessions rather than reading, writing, and arithmetic, and the result is producing pupils who are more concerned with identifying as “queer” or “trans” than with gaining the skills necessary to earn a living? Wow! Who could have predicted this?