Dementia Sets In: Biden Gives Speech Talking About “Mega” Republicans Gutting The Immigration System And More

Joe Biden recently attended the 46th Annual Gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and his evening appearance raised eyebrows. As he addressed the audience, he mistakenly referred to “MAGA Republicans” as “mega” Republicans. However, it wasn’t this slip-up that caught attention, but rather a series of bold statements he made.

Firstly, Biden boasted about reducing the deficit. Watching that was akin to a person who lost their home to gambling debts boasting about no longer having a mortgage. The U.S. government is projected to have a deficit exceeding $2 trillion this year. While it’s true that the debt has decreased from its peak during Biden’s tenure, it’s essential to note that it initially soared due to the infrastructure bill and the American Rescue Act. Both initiatives have faced criticism. There was a period when a $1 trillion deficit was considered alarmingly high. Hence, Biden’s claim of “reducing” the deficit by $1 trillion seems far-fetched, yet alone on the track for another trillion. The debt would be even higher if Republicans hadn’t forced some barely-there spending freezes during the last spending battle.

Furthermore, Biden asserted that he has triumphed over “Big Pharma.” This claim is questionable, considering the federal government, under his leadership, has allocated tens of billions to pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 vaccines. This excludes the funds spent on treatments, tests, and protective gear. It’s hard to argue against the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has significantly benefited during Biden’s administration.

Lastly, Biden’s comments on the Southern border crisis were particularly striking. He insinuated that Republicans had “gutted” the immigration system, a claim that lacks substantial evidence. There’s no record of any legislation that supports this assertion, nor did Donald Trump dismantle any enforcement structures.

Biden’s further claim that Republicans are undermining border security is puzzling, especially when many Republicans have been vocal about bolstering enforcement measures. On the contrary, critics argue that the Biden administration’s policies have exacerbated the border situation.
Although Biden made bold statements, many are skeptical and find it hard to reconcile with reality.