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Biden looks at Tariffs on Chinese Imports

August 31, 2022 Matt 0

Due to team divisions and his own caution, Mr. Biden has put off a decision for months, while other issues, such as the war in Ukraine and the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, have taken precedence.

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Iranian Officials Reviewing Updated Nuclear Deal

August 30, 2022 DT 0

Although Ebrahim Raisi made a mockery of the negotiations, he insisted nuclear technology could not be taken from them in any way. Iranian officials said on Sunday that they are “reviewing” the Biden administration’s latest proposals to revive former President Barack Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal. On Sunday, Hossein Amirabdollahian, Iranian foreign minister, said that Iran is seeking a “good, sustainable, and strong agreement.”

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Elections- Control of the House not a Slam Dunk for Republicans

August 29, 2022 DT 0

As Democrats try to close the gap, analysts cited a number of factors that are helping them. There are many reasons, including the fight over abortion access, a weak Republican candidate in a crucial race, investigations into former President Donald Trump, and a recent drop in gasoline prices. Republicans appeared more out of reach than last year in districts that Mr. Biden carried by at least ten percentage points.

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China’s Growing Dominance in the Pacific Needs to Be Addressed

August 28, 2022 DT 0

A Coast Guard cutter patrolling on an international mission in the Pacific Ocean was denied entry at a port in the Solomon Islands, raising concerns about Chinese influence in the region. No response was received from the Solomon Islands government for diplomatic clearance for the vessel to stop there, so the Oliver Henry diverted to Papua New Guinea.

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What the Warrant on Trump Revealed

August 27, 2022 DT 0

A federal court in Florida unsealed a search warrant affidavit for former President Donald Trump’s residence Friday, which was heavily redacted. Nevertheless, both sides of the political aisle reacted strongly to the document, which has become the focus of a major investigation.

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Judge Orders DOJ to Release Redacted Warrant on Trump Raid

August 26, 2022 DT 0

The judge said in a two-page ruling that the federal government’s proposed redactions were specifically limited to keeping secret grand jury information, identities of uncharged individuals, and sources and methods used in a criminal investigation – and the rest could be made public.

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DeSantis Considers Busing Migrants to Delaware

August 25, 2022 DT 0

According to DeSantis, we have to get Biden out of office. Over the summer, DeSantis signed a bill penalizing federal contractors for dumping illegal immigrants in the state. Meanwhile, DeSantis has long teased sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary areas.

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Crist to Face DeSantis in November

August 24, 2022 DT 0

NBC News projects that Charlie Crist won the Florida primary against Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Tuesday night, answering the question Democrats have been asking for months: Who will be the underdog against popular Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis?

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January 6 Committee Has Ethics Conflicts

August 23, 2022 DT 0

Brian Young a contractor for the January 6 committee is married to the House Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms Kim E. Campbell, the second most senior official in the SAA, which like U.S. Capitol Police, is being investigated for security failures during the Capitol riot.