DeSantis Considers Busing Migrants to Delaware

During a recent South Florida interview questioning the upsurge in Cuban Migration, Lt. Gov. Jeannette Nunez stated that the Administration would send migrants who arrive in Fl illegally to Delaware.

DeSantis’s office clarified the remark that Cubans coming to Florida would be exempted. Cubans would be exempt because, in 1995, Bill Clinton signed a revision to the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, commonly referred to as the wet foot, dry foot policy. It allows all Cubans who reach the U.S. and step onto land to remain in the U.S. If intercepted in water, they are returned to Cuba (hence wet foot, dry foot).

Ron DeSantis said Florida has not yet sent any illegal aliens out of the state, partly because President Biden has ceased sending illegal aliens to the Sunshine State, according to Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). In 2021, the Biden administration sent Buses and Planes of Illegal aliens to Fl, causing Desantis to threaten to send them to Delaware. 

DeSantis told the cabinet during a meeting that Biden hasn’t yet sent illegal immigrants to Florida as a result of Florida’s threats and recently implemented immigration legislation, as well as other states, including Texas, bussing illegal immigrants to cities such as Washington, D.C., and New York City.

According to DeSantis, it is unacceptable for Biden to send children across the country in the middle of the night and dump them all over the United States. DeSantis said that Florida has not had any more buses leave illegal aliens since then. He attributes the lack of buses to Texas taking action. He stated that thanks to Texas and Arizona bussing illegal immigrants to Washington DC and New York, the pressure has been taken off of Florida. 

DeSantis stated that they are doing New York, and the reason he suggested D.C. and Delaware, is because it will potentially cause a change of policy. This prediction has proved true, as leftists are begging for help as the Pentagon rejects requests to ease the pressure in Washington, D.C.

DeSantis has told migrants who were put on buses not to try to travel to Florida. Adding that life will not be easy for them as Florida upholds its immigration laws even if the federal government and other states don’t.

Texas has led the way in putting the migrant crisis in the hands of sanctuary states and cities, forcing Democrat elites to deal with the situation at home.

It’s horrifying when you think about what governor Greg Abbott is doing, said New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who says he welcomes newcomers “with open arms.”

Adams has even threatened retaliation against Texas, saying he is “deeply contemplating” busing New Yorkers to Texas to knock on doors. Doing some good-old-fashioned door knocking for the sake of America, Adams said.

According to DeSantis, we have to get Biden out of office. Over the summer, DeSantis signed a bill penalizing federal contractors for dumping illegal immigrants in the state. Meanwhile, DeSantis has long teased sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary areas.

In June, DeSantis signed a new bill. Under the new policy, which began on July 1, any contractors who dump illegal immigrants in Florida from the border will be penalized. He also warned that the state would allot funds for rerouting illegal immigrants to sanctuary states such as Delaware.