Trump Calls For Congress to Ban Biden From Using Tax-Payer Dollars to Help Illegal Migrants

According to Donald Trump,  Joe Biden is completely eliminating the southern border and leaving no remnants behind. The border problem has already gotten out of hand. Recent posts from the Border Patrol Union claim that the Border Patrol is now detaining 7,700 migrants daily, a significant rise.

With the repeal of Title 42 restrictions enacted under Trump, the situation could get much worse. In a video, former president Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden’s proposal to remove Title 42, saying it would undoubtedly lead to “utter lawlessness.”

In a video posted by his son Donald Trump Jr., former President Trump shared his plan to address the border crisis. He stated that during his leadership, the United States had the most secure border in its history. Under Trump, it was detained and deported, and under Biden, it is catch-and-release.

According to Trump, Title 42, which allowed for the immediate expulsion of any unauthorized, illegal migrant who crossed the borders, was one of his most effective measures. Under Biden, that policy is slated to end soon. Trump stated that illegal migrants who were deemed bad were swiftly removed. Trump added those who violated the nation’s borders could be immediately returned to where they originated.

According to Trump, Biden “terminated every successful border policy” he enacted during his administration, including “Remain in Mexico,” by deliberately opening up the borders, instituting catch-and-release, and resettling millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

As Trump points out, the man suspected of murdering four adults and a child in Texas has already been deported four times. Trump said a lot of offenders cross the borders, no matter what their pasts were. It is simple for these criminals to enter the country illegally under Biden. The former president insisted that the border was “absolutely closed” during his time and that no illegals could enter. Unlawful immigration continued under Trump, but it was considerably less than it was under Biden, and there was much more deportation.

In just a few days, Joe Biden will remove the last bits of  Title 42 policy; Trump claims that doing so will erase the last bits of “our southern border.” As the judge predicted, hundreds of thousands would arrive that day, resulting in utter lawlessness and mayhem. According to Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), the cartels are gathering up to a million illegal immigrants on the border to wait for Title 42 to be lifted.

Trump asserted that unlimited numbers of fraudulent asylum seekers would flood the United States unchecked, and nobody would know where they come from.

In what some fear is a secret military invasion, hundreds of Chinese males of military age are queuing daily to enter the United States. Terrorist activity is concentrated in Somalia and Afghanistan.

Title 42, which is so crucial, is to be formally abolished. Thousands more will rush in from all over the world when that happens. Some states, such as California, actively encourage illegal immigrants to visit and apply for free assistance. According to reports, the Biden administration would permit illegal immigrants to qualify for Medicaid and Obamacare, and Trump noted that this invites more illegal immigration.

“It’s just madness.” The Biden administration will aid, abet, and encourage the invasion every step of the way. Millions and millions of illegal aliens will be resettled in your neighborhoods. Trump is urging Congress to “terminate” support and funding for the catch-and-release of illegal migrants.  Trump believed  Joe Biden and the Communists in the administration should be banned from using even one dollar of federal tax money to let unauthorized immigrants into the country. “Make sure our country survives,” Trump added. His campaign pledge includes securing the border immediately and removing the illegal aliens Biden has illegally allowed into the country if re-elected. Watch the whole speech here.