The Labor Department Reverses Trump’s Regulation on ESG Investment

November 23, 2022 admin 0

Tuesday, the Labor Department revoked a Trump administration regulation prohibiting the inclusion of ESG-inclusive mutual funds in 401(k) retirement programs. The reversal means that climate change and other ESG factors can now be considered when selecting funds for retirement plans’ investment menus.

Kevin McCarthy Secures GOP Support For Speaker Of The House

November 17, 2022 Sadeeqah Abrahams 0

In a closed-door meeting Tuesday, House Republicans approved Kevin McCarthy for Speaker, demonstrating that there is still much work to do before the full chamber votes next year. Mr. McCarthy must win 218 votes in a roll-call vote among all legislators present in January, with the Republican majority projected to be the smallest in recent history. All Democrats are anticipated to vote against him.

Democrats Fail To Secure Trump’s Taxes Before November Election

November 2, 2022 admin 0

Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked a House committee from obtaining Donald Trump’s tax returns on Tuesday, issuing an administrative order that suggests the Supreme Court will not act on the former president’s emergency petition to shield his finances from congressional investigators until after the midterm elections next week.