Trump Calls for Mandatory Death Penalty for Cop Killers After Murder of NYPD Detective

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Former President Donald Trump called for a mandatory death sentence for cop killers in the aftermath of the tragic murder of NYPD Det. Jonathan Diller. Speaking at a campaign rally, Trump urged Congress to pass legislation ensuring that individuals convicted of killing law enforcement officers face capital punishment. This comes shortly after attending Diller’s wake in Long Island.

Trump, 77, received a standing ovation from the crowd as he declared his intention to sign a bill into effect that would immediately impose the death penalty on anyone found guilty of murdering a police officer. He expressed confidence that such measures would bring a halt to such crimes.

The former president has been a vocal advocate for executing convicted cop killers since his first presidential campaign in 2015. At a tribute event in 2018 for slain NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, Trump reiterated his support for mandatory death sentences in such cases.

Following the ambush shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in 2020, Trump emphasized the need for a swift trial and the death penalty for those responsible if the deputies did not survive. Fortunately, the deputies survived their injuries.

In light of Diller’s tragic death, Trump praised the courage and strength of the Diller family, particularly highlighting the incredible support shown at the wake. He described the outpouring of love and respect for the fallen detective, emphasizing the profound impact Diller had on his community.

Additionally, Trump condemned what he referred to as “migrant crime,” a new category of offense he attributed to President Biden’s administration. He promised to establish a federal task force aimed at addressing squatting in America, calling it a significant issue.

Furthermore, Trump criticized Biden’s proclamation of “Trans Visibility Day” on Easter Sunday, expressing his belief that Christian voters would turn out in unprecedented numbers in the upcoming election. He labeled Biden’s decision as disrespectful to Christians and suggested that November 5 should be recognized as “Christian Visibility Day.”

As the call for justice for Diller continues, donations to support his young son’s future education can be made through the Silver Shield Foundation, established to assist families of fallen NYPD officers and firefighters. The foundation, originating from late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, remains dedicated to honoring those who sacrifice their lives in the line of duty.

In conclusion, Trump’s renewed push for mandatory death sentences for cop killers reflects his steadfast commitment to upholding law and order and seeking justice for those who protect and serve their communities.