Republicans Rip A Hole In Biden’s Optimistic View Of Immigration After Title 42

Since Title 42 ended, the Biden regime and its media lapdogs have been trying to convince Americans that the humanitarian disaster at the southern border hasn’t happened as predicted. However, a shocking video of an overcrowded processing center shared by a GOP lawmaker ripped a hole in the lie.

When reporters asked President Joe Biden about the border crisis on Sunday, he told them things were “much better than you all expected.” But the video that Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) showed tells a very different story about the horrible conditions at the El Paso facility, where hundreds of primarily military-aged men are crammed together and wait in squalor as overworked agents struggle to manage the massive number of illegal immigrants Biden welcomed.

The short video was taken Friday at the Border Patrol’s Central Processing Center in El Paso. It shows about 750 people crammed into a room that can usually hold 120, with blankets and other trash on the floor. Gonzales says that the building can hold up to 1,000 people at most, but on that day, there were about 6,000 people inside.

Gonzales said you might not see a thousand people rushing through the border, which is the image everyone wants to see. These processing centers, however, house tens of thousands of people and are overcrowded.

Bill Melugin, a Fox News reporter who has been covering the border crisis since Biden took office, shared the video from Gonzales and said since Friday, illegal crossings have dropped in El Paso, which means many people may have been released. He then showed a video that gives you a taste of what Friday was like.

Another busload of migrants from Texas arrived in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ house in Washington, D.C. The country’s “border czar” was, as usual, missing in action.

The new arrivals are seen in a video posted on social media getting off the bus at the Naval Observatory, the official residence of the vice president. The latest busload arrived at Kamala’s home on Sunday as a Mother’s Day gift from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The latest delivery on Sunday came after a group of migrants was left in front of the vice president’s house last week.

The “border czar” talked to local reporters in Atlanta on Friday about the situation in Texas. She was there for a fundraiser with wealthy Democrats in a wealthy city suburb, just hours after the Trump administration’s policy Title 42 officially ended.

Harris said that she heard things have been going pretty well the last few days. Harris then added that the issue of immigration is squarely the job of the United States Congress. Clearly, the current Vice President said, passing the buck to lawmakers.

Rep. Gonzales and Margaret Brennan talked about the video of the crowded processing center on the CBS News show “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning. Over 6,000 people are imprisoned in the El Paso Sector. In this building, there is space for a thousand people. Over 3,000 people live there. It means that 90 people are the most that can fit in one of these rooms. More than 400 people were there. That’s 450 percent of what it can hold, the congressman said. More than 700 people were in another room that was supposed to hold 120 people. Gonzales said not to let average be “not that bad.”

Gonzales said leaders like to blame other people; it’s always someone else’s fault, never theirs. And if the light can be shown on someone else, the more, the better, the happier. And right now, Secretary Mayorkas is in the spotlight. ” According to Gonzales, “This is all of our problems, starting with the president of the United States, who needs to lead this country, and starting in Congress.”