“Queens Dirty Dozens” Drag into the Donut Hole – Find Out What Happened After Vandals Struck

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Donut Hole on Brookside had a line out the door as folks were excited to grab a free donut and see some faces they’d missed for quite some time. The donut shop has hosted “The Queens Dirty Dozens” event before in October of 2022. The event itself was a success, but vandals then struck the store two separate times.

In the first incident, someone smashed the windows and stole items from inside. In the second, a man threw a Molotov cocktail into the store. This week, a judge gave Coby Green, who pleaded guilty to the fire-bombing, five years in prison, with his sentence being enhanced because it was a hate crime.

Josie Lee Turrelle and Sasha Turrelle with “The Queens Dirty Dozens” expressed gratitude to the community for the support after the damages. “Today is about giving out donuts to the community and making it clear that we’re here and we’re everywhere,” said Josie Lee Turrelle.

“We’re here, and we’re there, and we’re everywhere, and we’re not going nowhere. We’re drag queens, you can’t get rid of us just like that honey,” said Sasha Turrelle.

The folks with the donut shop say they believe the crime backfired on Green because now, they don’t plan to go anywhere soon. The store made over 700 fresh donuts to hand out to the public to thank it for all of the support after the damages.