Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Handle Confidential Documents Too!

It has been revealed that Hunter Biden’s business partner formerly handled 1,850 boxes of classified documents, including the Obama-Biden Transition Papers. According to information obtained by, Hunter Biden’s business partner previously handled over 1,850 boxes. Some contained classified records during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president and the Obama-Biden transition files.

New evidence reveals the first son is more closely linked to the continuing scandal than was previously understood, and this comes as Hunter has already been linked to his father’s mishandling of secret materials.

For example, in 2010, Eric Schwerin, a business partner of Hunter’s at Rosemont Seneca, was charged with transporting 1,850 boxes of documents from Vice President Biden’s Washington, D.C. Office and getting them to the University of Delaware.

Most of the files were from Biden’s tenure as a senator for Delaware. Although the majority of the documents represented Biden’s time in the Senate, it has now come to that the boxes also included confidential paperwork from the Obama-Biden transition team’s move into the White House a year prior.

In a message to Schwerin from March 2010, Katherine Oyama, then the assistant counsel for Vice President Biden, reportedly said that part of the records given to the University of Delaware appears to include Obama-Biden transition materials, which the vice president presumably does not possess.

According to reports, Oyama referred to the University’s obligation to comply with the classified information protocols, implying that maybe some of the documents sent to the University of Delaware contained sensitive information.

Schwerin promptly updated Hunter via email to keep him “in the know” after receiving Oyama’s warning. Schwerin wrote, “FYI – if you want to be in the loop.”  Adding that, he forwarded the information to Mel, who Schwerin said was discussing it with “your Dad about this and decide who should work on it between him and Jamie.”

There is speculation that “Mel” in the email refers to Melvyn Monzack, a former Biden family lawyer who oversaw the tax and commercial affairs of Hunter and James Biden.

Senator Ted Cruz has called for an immediate probe into the situation after learning that Hunter’s business partner was previously in possession of 1,850 boxes of possibly sensitive documents.

Cruz said that even more sensitive materials might be hidden in the 1,850 boxes of Senate records this Monday. He is calling for the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate.

Cruz stated that it is important to know if there are classified Documents at the University of Delaware. Cruz adds there shouldn’t be any, but given Biden’s track record, he has zero confidence that this is the case and believes that there might be more classified documents waiting to be found.

President Biden is under examination after dozens of sensitive documents were found in his office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC, and his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Since it was also discovered that Hunter was a resident of the Wilmington residence at the time confidential documents were inappropriately stored in the garage, President Biden has come under even closer scrutiny.

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