Here’s Why Democrats Are Trying To The Crash Stock Markets

April 19, 2023 DT 0

Several Republicans, notably Steve Bannon and Lou Dobbs, are warning that the Democrats are arranging for the stock market to collapse on the day House Republicans vote not to raise the debt ceiling. It is believed the Biden Administration will declare a temporary “default” on U.S. debt, the stock and bond markets will collapse, and Republicans will be blamed.

Melania Trump Slams Media About Unnamed Sources

April 12, 2023 DT 0

Former first lady Melania Trump finally broke her silence after remaining silent throughout the announcement and formal indictment of her husband, Donald Trump. Melania took a page from her husband’s playbook and slammed corporate media tactics for reported claims made about her by “unnamed sources.”

Is This The End Of The Dollar?

April 11, 2023 DT 0

Is this the end of the dollar? Or at least the dollar as it exists today. Because the dollar is currently considered the world’s reserve currency, central banks, and foreign corporations have held significant amounts of it to settle international trade and financial transactions since the end of World War II. In recent years, the dollar has strengthened against other major currencies, such as the Japanese yen and the British pound, as other countries struggled to recover from the lockdown-induced recession.

DeSantis Visits The Anti-Florida State, Avoids Mentioning Trump

April 7, 2023 DT 0

In advance of a highly anticipated presidential announcement, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made his first appearance of the year in Michigan. In this battleground state, Democratic majorities have grown under the leadership of high-profile Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Trump Arraigned as Biden White House Looks Away

April 6, 2023 Matt 0

The Biden office has been relatively quiet about his 2020 opponent and possibly 2024 opponent’s recent indictment.  Although Trump indicated on March 20 that he anticipated being prosecuted in Manhattan, Jean-Pierre reiterated that they do not comment on any active investigations.

Surprise, No Gag Order Issued On Trump’s Latest Legal Engagement

April 5, 2023 DT 0

The judge told Trump to be careful about what he says on social media, but he refused to issue a gag order. Trump criticized Judge Juan Merchan in a Truth Social post on Tuesday. He stated that this “fake case” was designed to interfere with the 2024 presidential election.