Rubio Calls For Comprehensive Evaluation of Biden After Intelligence Leak

Republicans and intelligence experts claim the Biden administration is being dishonest and trying to hide the fault for the recent breaches of classified information.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and President Joe Biden claimed on Thursday that information sharing and diplomacy are unaffected by the leak and that nothing of substantial consequence was released.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) claimed as much in an interview on Saturday night, citing that the FBI wouldn’t have raided the man’s residence and arrested him in an armored vehicle if this weren’t a major development.

Rubio has demanded a thorough investigation into the processes through which the United States government determines who has access to sensitive data and documents and how they are classified and managed.

According to Rubio, a 21-year-old posted it online. It’s unlikely he was a foreign spy; instead, he seems to have been trying to impress his peers with disastrous results.

Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder described the breach as deliberate and criminal, but when the government was questioned about possible misconduct, guilt, or willful neglect, they diverted the conversation.

Rudy Giuliani expressed concern over Biden’s apparent lack of care.

In an interview on Saturday, Giuliani said that officials in Biden’s administration have been warning about how harmful the plan is.

Giuliani tallied the various intelligence reports that potentially endanger lives worldwide, but Biden doesn’t seem worried.

Little is known about the leaks revealing disturbing things about America’s allies that they won’t want to see: information on Ukraine, Ukraine tactics, and vulnerabilities in the air.

Giuliani attributes Biden’s mistakes directly to his diminished mental competence.

According to Giuliani, this is a sign of a mentally unstable man. Biden cannot be sane and continue to brush these concerns off. Giuliani deemed Ukraine’s military strategies to be vitally significant.

Giuliani said foreign allies would stop sharing intelligence with the United States.

Giuliani, who worked in intelligence for three years during the Cold War, said the nation’s allies give that information to them and trust that information would be kept secret. Giuliani said embarrassing leaks usually result in a lack of information for some time, adding Ukraine aid will ultimately be curtailed worldwide by other countries that have stood with the U.S. against Russian aggression.

Giuliani claimed that America offered other countries an excuse to withdraw from Ukraine.

The fact that four more surveillance balloons flew over U.S. military stations, nuclear sites, and warships before the infamous one that crossed the country before being shot down is one of the revelations that the Biden administration has tried to suppress.

According to foreign affairs specialist Gordon Chang, senior leadership at the Pentagon, both military and civilian, are unaware of the gravity of the Chinese threat.

Therefore, the Pentagon and the White House are to blame for the lack of urgency in taking necessary measures to protect the nation.