Melania Trump Slams Media About Unnamed Sources

Former first lady Melania Trump finally broke her silence after remaining silent throughout the announcement and formal indictment of her husband, Donald Trump. Melania took a page from her husband’s playbook and slammed corporate media tactics for reported claims made about her by “unnamed sources.”

The former president’s prosecution on 34 superfluous offenses was hailed as a win by lefties everywhere, despite, or maybe because of, the obvious political persecution demonstrated. During the April 4 arraignment, Melania’s absence was conspicuous, and many assumed that she was distancing herself due to the nature of the case and its connection to an alleged romance with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Nevertheless, a statement issued on Tuesday attempted to put such rumors to bed, warning the public to be wary of unscrupulous stories that make false claims. In recent weeks, news organizations have made assumptions about the former First Lady’s personal, professional, and political views, and these articles quoted unnamed sources to support the author’s alleged claims.

The Office of Melania Trump’s Twitter account advised readers to use care and good judgment when deciding whether or not reports involving the former First Lady are truthful, particularly when they fail to identify Mrs. Trump as a source of information.

Melania Trump’s first tweet in a month wished her followers a Happy Easter with a close-up flower photograph. Similarly, the post preceded the former first lady’s first public appearance since Trump’s conviction. She joined the former president for their Sunday Easter lunch at Mar-a-Lago.

As Trump spoke from his Palm Beach, Florida home over a week earlier following his arrest, suspicion was rife as to why Melania was not publicly supporting her husband. People magazine quoted one of those unidentified individuals as saying, The Trumps were not anticipating the indictment and that Melania supported him. That’s exactly what she does. They are a unit. Another source told the magazine that she knows who her husband is, and she lives with her family and a few close friends, another source told the site.

Melania Trump’s concerns against anonymous sources are understandable, not just because of corporate media’s tendencies that earned some outlets the nickname “fake news,” but also because of her past. She was burned by a close friend who covertly taped their discussions. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, her former friend and adviser, had recorded their chats and eventually released them to the public. In one such video, the then-first lady expressed her sentiments on Daniels while discussing a 2018 Vogue picture shoot featuring the woman.

Melania stated at the time, Annie Leibovitz shot the porn hooker, and Daniels would be on one of the issues in September or October.
Wolkoff had inquired about what Melania meant by the “porn hooker,” prompting the first lady to respond, “Stormy.”
Even though the tapes were used to smear Melania, the public reacted favorably to her open remarks, and many said they loved her “even more” because of them. The most recent comments elicited a similar good response.