DeSantis Fires Back: No Retreat in the Fight Against Illegal Immigration!

June 8, 2023 DT 0

Amidst accusations and investigations launched by Democratic leaders, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stands firm in his resolve to address the illegal immigration crisis. Despite felony charges related to the transportation of illegal immigrants, DeSantis defends his efforts as part of Florida’s relocation program to direct undocumented immigrants to ‘sanctuary states.’

Trump’s Memorial Day Message: Urgent Warning for America’s Future

May 30, 2023 DT 0

In his Memorial Day message, former President Trump conveyed his deep apprehension regarding the present condition of the United States. Warning that the country is facing significant danger from individuals within the government who aim to dismantle it. Trump utilized his social media platform, Truth Social, as a means to communicate his message. stating that the country is in “greater peril than it is right now.” He urged his supporters to join him in stopping what he referred to as “communists, Marxists, and fascist ‘pigs'” and to work towards making America great again.

DeSantis’ Campaign Launch Resonates Despite Glitches

May 26, 2023 DT 0

Initially scheduled to begin at 6 pm ET, the event was plagued by issues such as users being kicked off the chat, feedback noise, and hot-mic whispers. Eventually, around 6:30 pm, DeSantis commenced the event by declaring his candidacy for the United States presidency, stating his intention to lead the country’s great American comeback.

Watchdog CPAs Take Action to Secure State Elections

May 22, 2023 Matt 0

A group of dedicated Certified Public Accountants advocates adopting financial auditing methods to ensure electoral integrity, aiming to restore public trust. This initiative is led by Frank Ryan, a retired Marine Reserve Colonel, who believes that CPAs’ expertise can enhance the transparency and accuracy of the election process.