Biden Criticized for Claiming GOP Would Cut Border Funding

The Twitter ratio struck back at President Biden. The comments came on Saturday after he claimed Republicans want to reduce border security money.

The President tweeted that proposals from MAGA House Republicans would cut funding for border security, a move that could allow an estimated 900 pounds of fentanyl into the country—adding that more resources are needed to secure the border.

In his tweet, Biden included a photo of himself shaking hands with a United States Customs and Border Protection officer, which was taken from his only trip to the border in El Paso, Texas, in January. Photos showed Biden briefly speaking with CBP officers in a mobile X-ray truck on the Bridge of the Americas border crossing.

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral among Republicans, and Twitter users responded with an overwhelming ratio of negative reactions compared to retweets and likes.

Kari Lake responded, saying America is losing an entire generation to the poison of fentanyl because Biden purposefully opened the border to allow this country to be invaded.

Arizona Republican Andrew Biggs, in a tweet of his own, called Biden’s allegation a complete fiction. Biden proposed a billion-dollar cut to border security and ICE in his 2024 budget proposal.

Biggs and Jacob Schneider agreed it took Biden 80 years to get that picture.

Tommy Pigott, the Rapid Response Director of the Republican National Committee, tweeted that Biden and Democrats had blocked Republican efforts to hire 18,000 Border Patrol agents. They hired 87,000 IRS agents instead.

After facing heavy criticism for not visiting the border since becoming President, Biden took a brief trip to El Paso in January. Thousands of illegal immigrants enter the United States every day undetected.

After nearly two years in office, Biden claimed in December that he had not visited the U.S.-Mexico border due to what he labeled more pressing matters to attend to. He had previously made fifty-nine visits to Delaware, with at least eight of those trips including ice cream stops.

Border Patrol agents intercepted over 800 pounds of fentanyl at ports of entry during this fiscal year, which began in October, amid continued unease about the lethal drug entering the United States.

Earlier this month, the head of the United States Border Patrol informed legislators that the agency has no operational control of the southern border of the United States and that migration levels are at crisis levels in some areas. This week it was also reported that Border Patrol had met one million migrants so far in FY2023.

On March 9, President Biden unveiled his budget proposal, and while House Republicans have yet to unveil a plan, the President has already aimed at one from the House Freedom Caucus.

Biden tweeted on Tuesday that MAGA House Republicans put out extreme budget proposals that would eliminate funding for over 2,000 border patrol agents – undermining Democrats’ ability to combat drug trafficking. Biden claims his proposed budget keeps the borders secure while providing more legitimate options for asylum seekers.