Accused UCCS Shooter Makes Death Threat Over Roommate Disagreements

Colorado Springs, Colorado – The suspect involved in a double homicide at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs allegedly made a death threat against one of the victims due to roommate disputes, as stated in his arrest affidavit.

Nicholas Jordan, 25, has been charged with the murders of his roommate, 24-year-old Samuel Knopp, and 26-year-old Celie Rain Montgomery at Crestone House, a dormitory in the Alpine Village community on the UCCS campus.

Judge David Shakes recently allowed the release of the arrest affidavit, rejecting the defense’s request to restrict trial coverage, citing concerns over potential impact from publicity on the case. Jordan was apprehended without incident in a vehicle three miles west of the campus following the incident.

The arrest affidavit highlighted a tense roommate situation that turned tragic. The dorm room where the fatal shootings occurred had a layout of four individual bedrooms with locking doors surrounding a common area. Another pod resident alerted the police after hearing gunshots and moaning early in the morning on the day of the incident.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that Knopp and Montgomery suffered fatal injuries to the torso. Surveillance footage showed a figure in dark clothing entering and departing from the dormitory, matching the timeframe determined by access logs. Additionally, a vehicle owned by Jordan was spotted on camera near the campus on the morning of the incident.

According to the affidavit, there were multiple complaints and interactions involving Jordan, who had reportedly threatened Knopp over disagreements regarding smoking and cleanliness issues. Jordan had also expressed hostility towards Knopp, allegedly making repeated threats to harm him.

University records revealed that Jordan had initiated proceedings to withdraw from classes and housing the day before the tragic event, further shedding light on the escalating situation leading up to the double homicide.