What Are the Odds of a Dream Ticket of Trump and DeSantis?

Many on the right hold high hopes for former President Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, envisioning a dream ticket of either Trump/DeSantis or DeSantis/Trump. However, the 12th Amendment poses a significant obstacle. The Twelfth Amendment brought changes to the Electoral College system, including the requirement for separate votes for the president and vice president by electors. Additionally, at least one of the chosen candidates must be from a state other than the elector. Both Trump and DeSantis call Florida home. DeSantis was born in Florida, while Trump declared Florida as his home residence in 2019.

Additionally, Trump’s comments on the possibility of Ron DeSantis being his VP pick in 2024 reveal a deep-seated hatred between their respective teams. This bitterness extends even to Casey DeSantis, Ron DeSantis’ wife, despite her status as a mother to three children and her recent battle with breast cancer.

During an episode of the Todd Starnes Show, Trump expressed his surprise and disappointment with DeSantis entering the 2024 Republican presidential primary, seeing it as an act of disloyalty towards him. He stated that the possibility of a joint ticket was much more likely before DeSantis made his move. While Trump refrained from categorically ruling it out, he emphasized the unlikeliness of such a scenario.

Trump previously recounted how DeSantis sought his support during a crucial period in his campaign against Adam Putnam, who was leading by 31 points. According to Trump, his endorsement resulted in a dramatic turnaround for DeSantis, who ultimately won the general election. By virtue of announcing his candidacy for the oval office, DeSantis’s actions have been deemed disloyal by Trump.

Notably, Trump has criticized DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic, oddly praising Andrew Cuomo instead, despite DeSantis being widely regarded as one of the few officials who managed it effectively. This criticism makes it difficult for Trump to align himself with his strongest rival.

While DeSantis has attempted to take the high road, he recently criticized Trump’s “petty” behavior and refused to engage in mudslinging. DeSantis believes that such conduct does not resonate with voters and suggests that it may have contributed to Trump’s failure to secure the White House in 2020. DeSantis remains focused on the issues that truly matter to voters and refuses to descend into the negativity surrounding the situation.