The FBI Planted Nuclear Documents At Trump’s Residence

October 11, 2022 admin 0

When speaking at a rally in Arizona, former President Donald Trump made a startling announcement the Democrats had placed a “trigger warning” on the Constitution. His comment is in line with his other statements that Democrats were coming after MAGA Republicans. Something that even Biden lent credence to when he said that MAGA Republicans were basically America’s homegrown terrorists

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Biden Allows China To Have A Police Station In New York

October 10, 2022 admin 0

China has an overseas police station in the U.S. According to a human rights advocate, China’s alleged abroad police service centers and their efforts to convince nationals to return home represent a frightening extension of the regime’s international reach.

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China’s Growing Dominance in the Pacific Needs to Be Addressed

August 28, 2022 admin 0

A Coast Guard cutter patrolling on an international mission in the Pacific Ocean was denied entry at a port in the Solomon Islands, raising concerns about Chinese influence in the region. No response was received from the Solomon Islands government for diplomatic clearance for the vessel to stop there, so the Oliver Henry diverted to Papua New Guinea.

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Will Nancy Pelosi Visit Taiwan?

August 1, 2022 admin 0

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi started a tour of four Asian countries yesterday without mentioning Taiwan amid intense speculation she might visit the self-ruled […]