Rep. Turner Urges FBI to Cooperate with Biden Probe

Rep. Mike Turner stated on Sunday that the FBI should investigate the results of the House Oversight Committee’s probe into payments allegedly made to President Joe Biden and his family as proof of a crime rather than trying to cover it up.

The Ohio Republican told a news outlet that it appears the FBI’s being less than helpful, if not obscuring the congressional investigation, adding that Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has done an excellent job following the money and uncovering very troubling information.

In addition, it was unsettling that Comer had revealed the disappearance of a key informant in the case.

Turner claimed the FBI and Treasury Department were already aware of the details. There’s little doubt that this points to wrongdoing by the Bidens. Comer has done a great job of digging into the details, revealing the trail of unexplained money that the Treasury Department and others saw.

Meanwhile, 51 former intelligence community professionals who signed off on a letter in 2020, right before the presidential election, indicating that information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a Russian disinformation scheme, are being deposed by the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who worked for Biden’s campaign then, denies that former CIA Director Mike Morell asked him to draft the letter.

These people signed the letter without any evidence that there was any Russian influence or that this was Russian propaganda to help Joe Biden convince the American people during the debate that the Hunter Biden laptop wasn’t real, said Turner. It has been verified, with its corresponding squalor and all the traces of dubious money dealings.

Another former CIA director, John Brennan, said as much in his deposition. This was all an elaborate fabrication.

Turner asserted that Biden’s use of the letter in his presidential debate arguments was evidence that Biden was aware he was lying. He enlisted the help of 51 people with established intelligence backgrounds to falsely blame Russia for spreading false information. Since there have been mysterious financial transfers to the Biden family, Chairman Comer has investigated the son, his family, and the laptop’s contents. It appears at this time that criminal behavior has taken place.

In different contexts, Turner mentioned his visit to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. The delegation was shocked to learn that these countries are still starving for U.S. leadership and initiatives from the Trump-era Abraham Accords.

He claimed they weren’t looking for money or troops, only direction from America.

According to Turner, the Middle Eastern nations are likewise apprehensive about China entering and acquiring influence, as it is in the United States.

According to Turner, the Biden administration is dozing off as the Chinese try to broaden their influence and infiltrate the United States.

The lawmaker also mentioned the possibility of a government spending default, calling Biden’s insistence that spending has no bearing on debt an irrational position.

Turner argued that restraint in spending is necessary to safeguard the economy. The president must take the initiative and start negotiating.