Scalise: Biden ‘Hasn’t Stood Up To Putin,’ He Doesn’t Support Ukraine

Take a look at Scalise’s investigation of Biden’s way of dealing with Ukraine intrusion.

Given Tuesday’s transmission of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) noticed that President Joe Biden “hasn’t faced Putin” and doesn’t have Ukraine’s wellbeing as a primary concern since his energy approaches are subsidizing Russia’s attack of Ukraine.

Scalise said, “President Biden is behaving like he’s all strong of Ukraine and confronting Putin. He hasn’t confronted Putin. He’s given Putin the checkbook, the supporting apparatuses to finance this conflict. He — look, only half a month prior, President Biden put a boycott, a stop on all new oil and gas allows. This is after the government courts pushed back on his expense of carbon restricted bureaucratic grounds boycott that he set up. He went much more extensive with it. We must get down on him. I’ve called him out to turn around these strategies promptly. You don’t uphold individuals of Ukraine assuming that you’re financing the person, Putin, who is attacking Ukraine on the off chance that you’re subsidizing his conflict, which you’re doing by bringing in oil since he shut off American energy. Open up American energy. They continue to discuss carbon; what’s the carbon impression of this conflict? What’s the carbon impression of Russian oil? It’s higher than American oil. We have better principles. We ought to make all of our energy and send it out to our companions and not take in any from Russia.”