Queens Deli Worker in Critical Condition After Savage Attack by Man with Green Hair

Woodside, NY — A 65-year-old deli worker in Queens is in critical condition following a vicious attack that was caught on surveillance video late Monday evening. The assault, which left the man with severe injuries including internal brain bleeding and a fractured face, occurred at a local deli on 64th Street and Broadway around 11:20 p.m.

The video shows a man with distinctive green hair initiating a confrontation with the deli worker. After a brief interaction, the suspect launched a savage attack, repeatedly punching and then kicking the victim, ultimately knocking him unconscious with a series of blows to the face.

Following the initial onslaught, the attacker momentarily left the scene, only to return and continue his assault, kicking the defenseless victim several more times in the head.

The victim, identified as Abdullah Alshawish, was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital where he remains in a critical condition. His son, Abraham Alshawish, spoke to reporters about his father’s state, revealing the extent of his injuries. “[There’s] a certain part of his bones that are detached from a very important part of his face,” he explained, visibly shaken by the severity of the attack on his father.

Local residents expressed their unease about the suspect, whom they recognize from his unusual appearance and erratic behavior. “Once you mentioned the green hair, I knew who it was because everybody looks at him, everybody crosses the street when they see him,” one resident described. Others noted that the suspect, who is believed to be in his 30s and about six feet tall, often talks to himself and appears most frequently at night.

Abdullah Alshawish is well-known and liked in the community, described by his son as “a genuinely nice guy” who is somewhat “old fashioned” and enjoys engaging with people. Despite the random violence inflicted upon him, there remains a strong hope within the family and the community for his recovery.

Doctors at Elmhurst Hospital are closely monitoring Alshawish’s condition, hoping that the internal bleeding will subside enough to allow for surgery. The gravity of his injuries, however, means that the medical team is cautious and uncertain about the next steps if his condition does not improve.

The New York Police Department is actively searching for the assailant, urging anyone with information about the attacker or the incident to come forward. The attack has not only left a family in distress but has also stirred concerns about safety among the Woodside community, reminding residents of the need for vigilance and the swift reporting of any suspicious activities to the authorities.

Efforts to enhance safety and community awareness are being coordinated in light of this incident, as residents and local businesses express solidarity with the victim and his family during this challenging time.