NYC Mayor Adams Considering Converting School Gyms to Shelters For Immigrants

New York City’s Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, wants to turn up to 20 public school gymnasiums into temporary shelters for illegal immigrants.

Even though local parents are worried about their children’s safety and the scheme’s potential impact on schools, Adams confirmed the illegal immigrant shelter concept in an interview on Tuesday morning. Adams stated that each of the 20 gymnasiums under review by his department is in standalone facilities away from the schools.

Adams hopes his explanation is clear: the city will have 20 separate gyms. They are not attached to the main school structure but are on the list in case alternative facilities are needed. Adams clarified that the state is not yet at that point. Still, they need a list to be prepared so if these influxes continue.

Adams’ remarks did not make it apparent whether or not the chosen gyms were located on campuses also used by public schools. Adams’ office was repeatedly contacted for further details, but no response was received.

Adams explained that the arrival of around 4,200 new illegal immigrants in New York City in the previous week spurred his office’s search for shelter locations.

Adams said he has cooperated with school safety agents and workers, the New York City Police Department, and Department of Social Services staff to address parents’ worries about their children interacting with illegal immigrants at school. No one will allow the migrants to interact with the students in any way.

Adams then reaffirmed that he had yet to decide to convert these gyms into shelters.

If these plans progress, the public will be notified, Adams added.

Adams didn’t say how long illegal immigrants might stay in the gyms.

New York is being flooded by illegal immigrants being transferred by bus from areas along the United States’ southern border.

Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has spent months transporting buses full of illegal immigrants to neighboring states. Abbott has targeted sanctuary cities, such as New York and Chicago, with his busing approach. Sanctuary jurisdictions do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities who might arrest or deport illegal immigrants.

Adams recently spoke against Abbott’s plan to transport asylum-seekers to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Washington, D.C.

Adams posted on Twitter on May 1, after learning that Abbott was restarting the illegal immigrant bussing program, that not only is this behavior morally bankrupt and devoid of any concern for the well-being of asylum seekers, but it is also impossible to ignore the fact that Abbott is targeting five cities run by Black mayors.

Abbott has claimed that the publicity surrounding his busing policy has exposed the hypocrisy of sanctuary communities that refuse to house illegal immigrants.

Adams has just started his decompression strategy to move illegal immigrants out of New York City to the surrounding areas of New York State. Rockland and Orange County officials have declared emergencies due to New York City’s decompression strategy and have filed lawsuits to prevent Adams’ transfer plans.