Mike Pence: The True Torchbearer of Reagan’s Conservative Legacy

Mike Pence, former Vice President, told Fox News Digital this week that he is taking his campaign on the road in the hopes that Republican primary voters will see him in a new light—as the most qualified, tested, and established conservative in the race who can get the nation back.

“We need new leadership in the Republican Party. From day one, we need an American leader who can move forward on the proven conservative agenda and understands how to get Washington moving and get our nation back,” Pence said. “And if people are looking for that, I’m your man.”

Pence claimed that he is better known to the public as Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence said the public was unaware of his 12 years of service as a leading conservative in the House or his fights against the Republican Party’s large spenders. Pence spearheaded the opposition to the 2008 Wall Street bailout when he was chairman of the Republican Study Committee. Before being elected vice president, Pence increased employment to historic highs and grew the greatest school choice program in the country.

Pence has stated that he is running for President because of his deep concern for the country’s state.

“Joe Biden has weakened the United States, in my opinion, both at home and internationally. American households are feeling the effects of the weak economy. Freedom’s foes are on the advance everywhere,” he warned.

“I want the American people to know that, based on my lifetime of service, we will be ready on day one to put into effect the conservative agenda values that will make this country secure, prosperous, and free again,” Pence said.

The former VP praised the Trump administration’s track record, stating that the Republican base is grateful for the work accomplished by Trump during his time in the White House.

According to Pence, the public understands that various eras require innovative approaches from their leaders. As the former Vice President of the United States, Pence said he greatly welcomed the opportunity to step beyond the role he took so seriously as Vice President of the United States and let people, hopefully, hear his heart and mind as the conservative leader he has always been.

Pence explained that as Vice President, he never wanted the narrative to be about him.

“I was there to be informed, prepared, of service, and to support the President and implement the agenda he was elected to advance,” he explained.

When asked about the administration’s record, Pence said, “I was proud to defend our record during the debate, and I welcome the opportunity for people to see me in a new light and hear my passion and leadership.”

During this week’s first Republican Presidential Debate in Milwaukee, Pence expressed his hope that his strong showing will prompt many voters to reconsider his campaign.

“I was grateful for the chance to speak about the issues, but I was grateful for people to get a sense of my leadership style and willingness to fight for what I believe in. And what I believe in is the conservative agenda,” he said.

According to Pence, Reagan’s dedication to conservative causes, including a strong national defense, American leadership abroad, limited government, free market economy, traditional values, and the right to life, drew him to the Republican Party.