Government Expresses Deep Concern Over Former Detainee Charged in Home Invasion

Perth, Australia – Former detainee charged over home invasion in Perth, shaking the community’s sense of security. Three individuals are under arrest for the assault and robbery of 73-year-old Ninette Simmons, including a man recently released from immigration detention. The High Court’s ruling on the lawfulness of indefinite detention led to the release of over 150 men in November last year.

Industry Minister Ed Husic expressed deep concern over the violent attack on the elderly couple, emphasizing the need to protect the public amidst such incidents. The offenders gained entry into the Simmons’ home by posing as police officers, escalating the severity of the crime. The assault and robbery, which involved tying up Philip Simmons, 76, and stealing valuable jewelry, have left the victims traumatized.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton is demanding transparency from government officials regarding the incident. He calls for accountability from relevant authorities in ensuring the safety of citizens. While proposals for stricter legislation targeting non-cooperative immigration detainees are debated, the focus remains on seeking justice for the victims of such heinous crimes.

Detective inspector Gary Butler of the Western Australia Police highlighted the lasting impact of the assault on the Simmons, causing significant distress and anxiety. The investigation continues to determine the motive behind targeting the elderly couple, assuring the community of no immediate threat. The government faces pressure to address the vulnerabilities that led to this disturbing incident, underscoring the importance of ensuring public safety and accountability.