James Woods Promises To Sue The DNC On Behalf Of All Americans

Following the release of the eagerly awaited “Twitter Files,” conservatives denounce the unjust censorship of right-wing viewpoints. Others counter that the report is not the smoking gun they anticipated.

The Twitter Files is a collection of documents and internal conversations from within the company that reveals some of the social media platform’s highest-ranking managers’ behind-the-scenes decision-making to suppress news coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020. Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO and billionaire owner, has been teasing the report’s release since his October takeover of the Corporation as part of his pledge to increase transparency on the network.

James Woods spoke on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday to address the new revelation, from internal papers provided by Matt Taibbi, that Twitter had filtered his posts.

According to Fox News, Taibbi described in “THE TWITTER FILES” how Twitter evaluated tweets at the request of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) via an email conversation with Twitter workers. Celebrities and unknowns equally might be deleted or examined at the request of a political party, warned Taibbi.

One of the accounts requested to be checked by the DNC was James Woods’ official account, resulting in its suppression. The Twitter employee responded to the DNC’s request: “I grabbed the first one under SI…refer to Safety on the high-profile second one.”

As the Twitter Files discoveries began to burst throughout the internet, Woods appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program to address the censoring of his post.

At the urging of Democrats, Twitter removed a message from iconic actor James Woods, Tucker revealed on his Friday evening program. Tucker stated that Woods had violated the rules by insulting Hunter Biden. Before the past election, the DNC instructed Twitter to remove the content, and they did just that.

Woods said he was not at all surprised. Woods said, “I am astonished.” When questioned whether he would have anticipated being silenced at the behest of the DNC, Woods responded that he did not. He added that he had been a target of these folks for six years. Their actions have damaged his career, and they have eliminated his means of support. Woods said his family had fought in the American Revolution American to protect freedom of speech. Woods added that they have eroded his trust in the nation his family has protected in the armed forces.”

Woods said that whether he wins or loses, he would fight for the rights of every American — not just celebrities. “I’m no longer a star;” in fact, he’s hardly recognizable his career has been destroyed by these people.

During a two-hour Twitter Spaces session on Saturday, Musk stated that there would be a second data breach involving the Twitter Files and the company’s content moderation policies. It is unknown whether Musk’s decision to publish more files is a response to accusations that he is concealing information. It is also unknown when the second data dump will occur.

Musk has also referred to “other smoking guns” that he intends to reveal to the public, but it is unclear when this will occur. He did, however, guarantee that the goal was to reveal all the data.