James Biden to Testify in House Oversight Committee Investigation

Washington, D.C. – Attorneys representing James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, have indicated that he will participate in an interview as part of the ongoing investigation by the House Oversight Committee into the activities of the first family. Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, confirmed this development on Friday.

Comer recently appeared on “Just the News, No Noise” and said that James Biden’s attorney has signaled that he will answer questions in front of the House Oversight Committee and that the committee looks forward to his testimony.

Comer highlighted the significance of James Biden’s testimony, emphasizing that it would be instrumental in connecting the dots regarding the financial transactions the Biden family allegedly received from foreign sources. He pointed to IRS notes and bank records that have been subpoenaed, stating that they contain specific questions for James Biden. “We have as you know, the IRS notes that the IRS whistleblowers turned over from his interview with the FBI.”

Prior to Comer’s interview, the committee received a letter from the White House expressing its unwillingness to cooperate with the committee’s requests for records and its intention to prevent the Bidens and their associates from testifying. However, Comer remained optimistic that the committee would be able to interview all relevant figures in their investigation.

The committee has stated that they will continue to follow the facts and hold President Biden accountable to the American people despite the White House’s lack of cooperation.

Comer further revealed that the committee was interested in questioning the president’s staff regarding the mishandling of classified documents. The timeline provided by President Biden appears to conflict with information gathered from previous interviews.

Furthermore, Comer expressed his belief that all the individuals requested to testify before the committee would comply with the subpoenas and that those who did not would face the consequences from Congress.

This latest development in the House Oversight Committee’s investigation indicates that James Biden will provide crucial testimony, shedding light on the financial dealings of the Biden family with foreign entities.