Fort Worth Police Investigating Troubling Middle School Watch List Targeting Students and Teachers

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth police are currently investigating a disturbing and violent document that has surfaced, targeting several students and teachers within the Northwest Independent School District. The document contains threats of violence which has raised concerns among the school community. Additional safety measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of the students and staff at Wilson Middle School in Haslet.

The Northwest ISD has taken swift action by collaborating with Fort Worth police to address this issue. Although initial reports suggested that arrests had been made in connection to the document, Fort Worth PD later clarified that no arrests have been made. The district has assured parents that they are actively notifying families of the individuals listed in the document.

According to the district’s communication with parents, the language used in the document mirrors threats seen in other schools across the nation. School officials have emphasized that those involved in creating or modifying the document will face legal consequences. It is evident that the school administration is taking this matter very seriously.

The so-called “watch list” mentioned in the document reportedly names 32 individuals, including both students and staff members at Wilson Middle School. Parents, like Aziah Haswell, have expressed their concerns about the situation. Haswell shared that her son, a student at the school, was initially suspended for viewing the document but the suspension was later revoked.

Students, like Terrance Clark, have expressed their unease about the situation. Clark mentioned that the atmosphere at the school has been tense, with everyone discussing the list and its implications. The district has assured parents that they are working to identify all the individuals involved in the creation of the document.

As investigations continue, Fort Worth PD has identified several suspects in connection to the document. The district has outlined its disciplinary measures for students involved in serious misconduct, including potential out-of-school suspensions. The school community remains on high alert as authorities work to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.