East Palestine Mayor Torches Biden With A Virtual Flaming Torch.

The White House has virtually neglected East Palestine, Ohio residents, and the surrounding area since a train derailed in their region on February 3. A Norfolk Southern train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed, upending their lives, decimating animals, and causing them to reevaluate their water consumption.

On Monday, the city’s mayor, Trent Conaway, spoke about being neglected by President Joe Biden, who spent Presidents Day overseas and was not at the core of an ongoing ecological calamity.

Conaway addressed Fox News anchor Jesse Watters and blasted the incompetent president and his incompetent government.

The mayor told Watters that Biden went to Ukraine to personally distribute additional funds and, by doing so, added salt to injury because residents around the disaster site were still being encouraged to fend for themselves.

Conaway stated that it was the biggest smack in the face and that this immediately indicated that he didn’t care about them. The mayor stated Biden could send any agency he wants, but he learned yesterday during a briefing that he was in Ukraine handing out millions of dollars to Ukrainians and not to the residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

Conaway stated that he was “livid” over it. The mayor remarked, “This demonstrates his character.” The only offense committed by the residents of eastern Ohio is being in a region of the country that those with the loudest voices and the most money disregard.

The mainstream media provided limited coverage of the tragedy in East Palestine until local reporters and social media users forced their hand.

Biden has acted as if the catastrophe never occurred. He recently lauded the administration’s alleged environmental efforts by tweeting: Thanks to our climate investments; our children will breathe better air, drink safer water, and get to school on clean energy.

Without a disaster designation from Biden, Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel have maintained the same distance from the problem that he has. On Monday, after 15 days, FEMA finally deployed staff to the region. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spent ten days before addressing the anguish and suffering of people touched by the incident. He was more interested in informing building firms to recruit fewer white individuals.

Conaway has been left without the means to address an environmental crisis that might affect his village for centuries, and nobody in East Palestine is to blame.

Seeing President Biden meet with the greatest recipient of U.S. foreign aid was allegedly enough to upset the mayor, and who could blame him? His community’s constituents elected him to serve them, and now they are suffering. Like a true leader, Conaway is concerned with what affects the people he represents, and he only desires to see his country’s leaders act as though they care.

The federal government may simultaneously stroll and chew gum.

During World War II, Americans beat three military juggernauts on different continents. Surely the Biden administration can provide aid to Ohioans while funding yet another proxy war abroad.

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