DeSantis Reacts to Class Action Lawsuit and Pledges to Send More Planes

After migrants filed a class action lawsuit, DeSantis’ office pushed back by showing the ‘consent form’ they allegedly signed.

Last Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent illegal immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, which was part of his promise to send illegal immigrants to liberal states.

On Tuesday, the office of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized a class action lawsuit filed by illegal immigrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard last week. They said that the trip was made of their own free will.

The lawsuit filed in the District of Massachusetts says that DeSantis and others designed and carried out a planned, fraudulent, and illegal scheme centered on taking advantage of this weakness to advance their own personal, financial, and political interests.

In a statement to Fox News, Taryn Fenske, a spokeswoman for Gov. DeSantis, called the class action lawsuit “political theater” by “opportunistic activists” to hurt illegal immigrants.

If these activists spent even a small amount of their time and energy at the border, perhaps accountability for the Biden Administration’s careless border policies would happen. The Biden administration has encouraged illegal immigrants to take dangerous and often deadly trips through Central America and put their lives in the hands of cartels and coyotes, Fenske said.

Fenske gave Fox News a copy of a consent form that she said was given to migrants before they got on the bus. The form was available in both English and Spanish.

The form says that they agree to hold the benefactor or its designated representatives harmless if any injuries or damages occur during transport outside Texas to Massachusetts.

The class action lawsuit says that the migrants were told they were going to Boston or Washington, which “wasn’t true at all,” and were enticed with things like $10 gift certificates to McDonald’s. Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, executive director of Lawyers for Civil Rights, said, “No human being should be used as a political pawn.” Lawyers for Civil Rights is seeking class-action status in the lawsuit filed on behalf of several migrants who were on the flights last week and Alianza Americas, a network of advocacy groups.

Some Democratic officials are using this claim to ask for a federal investigation. The lawsuit says migrants were tricked into crossing state lines by giving them false information.

Fenske said these migrants had “voluntarily” been transported.

These activists didn’t care about the immigrants when they were homeless, hungry, and alone. Florida program offered a fresh start in a sanctuary state, but these people chose to take advantage of chartered flights to Massachusetts, she told me. It was sad that Martha’s Vineyard called the Massachusetts National Guard to bus them off the island within 48 hours.

Rumors abounded that another plane was on the way.

Rumors that a plane with migrants on board was headed to Delaware, where President Joe Biden lives, caused chaos in three states on Tuesday and were condemned by the White House.

The government took action. Neighborhood groups were ready to help. News crews and camera crews scouted airports. But the plane and the people didn’t show up. Earlier in the day, DeSantis added to the rumors by not confirming if he sent a plane or if the plane would even take off.

Tuesday brought attention to how difficult immigration politics are and how good DeSantis is at making headlines and setting himself up to run against Biden in 2024. Abbott was the first Republican governor to send migrants to sanctuary cities and states. Still, DeSantis’s new program has gotten a lot more attention, even though the planes carrying the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard took off from Abbott’s state.

If you believe in open borders, then the burden of open borders should fall on sanctuary jurisdictions, DeSantis told reporters in Florida on Tuesday.

Even Biden made a joke on the spot about rumors about a possible flight to Delaware. When asked if a group of migrants would get off a plane near his home, Biden said DeSantis should come himself and that they have a beautiful shoreline.