Chaos in Congress over Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan

In a rare show of support, some Republicans have backed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat delegation to Taiwan. However, Donald Trump warns it is asking for “trouble.” In his Truth Social post, Trump asked, what is Crazy Nancy Pelosi doing in Taiwan? Furthermore, he stated she was always causing trouble and that nothing she did would turn out well. 

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Pelosi’s arrival in Taipei has seriously infringed on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and severely damaged US-China relations. Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it seriously undermines peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and sends a wrong message to separatist forces for Taiwan’s independence. In an apparent sign of escalation, China conducted military drills around Taiwan during Pelosi’s visit.

The Biden administration has stated that going to Taiwan is not smart. However, 25 Republicans backing Trump rival Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., supported Pelosi’s delegation and the visit to Taiwan. Trump’s remarks also contradict his former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said this weekend that the Trump administration sent delegations to Taiwan without incident.

Pompeo said American officials visited Taiwan and navigated through the Straits of Taiwan during his four years as Secretary of State. He additionally stated that previous officials were never threatened that the Chinese would shoot down an American plane. Despite their claims and hostile remarks, he was confident they understood that America was serious and would show absolute resolve in defending the American people.

Still, Pompeo had urged Pelosi not to back down despite a Chinese threat, as backing down would show further weakness. Pompeo criticized the Biden administration for telling Nancy Pelosi not to travel to Taiwan during her congressional visit and said that if she did not go, it would send the wrong message to our allies in the region: Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

According to Pompeo, China’s threat to the Biden administration shows a lack of “respect” for America and President Biden. As a result, he feels that the “fear and respect” they once had for the American presidency have diminished. China’s lack of respect poses a significant risk to the United States. In a statement, Pompeo blamed Biden for bowing to China’s threats. Having America bullied by Chinese propaganda after President Biden had a long phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping would send a really bad message to our friends in the region – the Australians, the South Koreans, and the Japanese, as well as the American people, The message implied is that it is OK to allow a communist party a long way away to dictate how Americans behave, where we travel, and what we say.