Bridgeport Mayor Calls for Regulatory Reform After Explosion at Tradebe Environmental Services

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Following a recent explosion at Tradebe Environmental Services on Cross Street, Mayor Joe Ganim is pushing for regulatory reform on certain types of facilities near residential areas. The explosion, which occurred on Friday, triggered a large blast after a driver opened a valve while delivering about 4,000 gallons of “low-grade oxidizer.” It led to several smaller explosions, leaving three people injured. Two of the injured have since been released from the hospital, city officials said.

While investigators believe the explosion was not intentionally criminal, they are still working to identify the exact cause and are speaking with witnesses to gather more information. The incident, which occurred just before a three-day weekend, has made it difficult to get samples from the scene analyzed yet.

Mayor Ganim emphasized the need to determine the cause of the explosion to prevent it from happening again, expressing concerns about the proximity of such facilities to residential areas. He also plans to meet with company officials to discuss measures to prevent future incidents.

City officials are closely monitoring the area’s air and water quality, urging residents to refrain from fishing in nearby brooks due to high PH levels. At the same time, they are working to ensure that drinking water supplies have not been affected.

Fire Chief Lance Edwards credited firefighters for swiftly bringing the incident under control within about an hour and 20 minutes, while expressing gratitude to departments from neighboring cities for their assistance.

The explosion at Tradebe Environmental Services has raised questions about the safety of industrial facilities near residential areas, prompting calls for regulatory reform and increased awareness among city officials and residents. The investigation into the incident is ongoing as officials work to determine the cause and prevent similar events in the future.