Biden’s Chances Of Winning Re-Election Have Reached An All-Time Low

In a recent poll by ABC News and the Washington Post, President Biden’s chances of winning re-election have reached an all-time low. The poll suggests he would lose to Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Here is the data comparing the number of Americans who would “definitely” or “probably” vote for a particular candidate in two different matchups for the 2024 election.

Trump 44%, Biden 38%. Undecided in this matchup, Trump 49-42. 

DeSantis 42%, Biden 37%. Undecided in this matchup, DeSantis 48-41

In addition, Biden’s approval rating dropped six points from February to a record low of 36%. Based on data dating back to Truman, this is the worst score for any first-term president at this juncture in his tenure; for comparison: 

  • Ford (40%)
  • Carter (37%)
  • Trump (39%) 

All three failed to gain re-election and had better approval ratings than Biden. 

Focusing heavily on race in political nominations and appointments by the Biden administration has not necessarily improved their relationship with the black community. Biden’s approval rating among blacks has plummeted by 30% since his inauguration, from 82% to 52%. Biden’s approval rating among Black communities was the most shocking result of the new poll.

Biden may promise reparations to black voters in 2024, similar to how he offered loan forgiveness before the 2022 midterm elections. 56% of Americans disapprove of what Biden has done in office, and his management of the economy is a major reason for this. Trump is perceived to have done a superior job with the economy by a margin of 54% to 36%. As time passes, Biden’s economic challenges will become even more daunting.

Biden’s age also undermines public confidence. 68% of Americans believe that Biden, who is 80 years old, is too elderly for a second term. If he survived until the conclusion of the next term, he would be 86 years old. Ironically, Trump is only four years younger than Biden, but only 44% of Americans believe he is too elderly.  

Many Americans are not only worried about Joe Biden’s age but also his apparent health condition. According to a recent survey, only 32% of people think Biden has the mental sharpness needed to be a good president. Meanwhile, Trump’s score for having the necessary mental acuity has gone up from 46% in 2020 to 54% as of now. Regarding physical endurance, only 33% of people gave Biden a good rating, while Trump received a positive rating from 64% of respondents, indicating that they believe he is quite active.

George Stephanopoulos, who formerly served as Bill Clinton’s press secretary, and as an ABC News correspondent, is regarded by many as a liberal Democrat. Stephanopoulos stated that the results were disastrous for the Biden administration. 

Even the Blue team sighs at the prospect of a Biden candidacy in 2024: only 36% of Democrats want Biden to be nominated again, while 58% want someone else. 

Most respondents (54%) believed Trump performed better on the economy than Biden and 36% believed Biden was performing better than Obama. Unfortunately, there is also some negative news regarding Trump.: 56% think Trump should face criminal charges for alleged unlawful attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, and 54% believe he should face criminal charges for handling classified documents and his actions regarding the January 6 unrest. 41% believe Biden is trustworthy and honest, compared to 33% for Trump. 

While these latest results may lower the morale of Democrats, it’s important to note that previous midterm polls had also predicted a Republican victory that didn’t come to fruition. So, those hoping for a Republican takeover of the White House shouldn’t lose hope just yet.