Zelenskyy Makes a Bold Statement: If Next Negotiations Fail, It’s ‘Universal War’ III

Offering an intense expression, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he is “prepared for talks” with Russia’s Vladimir Putin; however, assuming the gathering unfurl like previously, “that would imply that this is a third World War.”

“I’m prepared for dealings with him, and I was prepared throughout the previous two years. Furthermore, I feel that without discussions, we can’t end this conflict,” Zelenskyy said to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria through an interpreter.

“We need to utilize any configuration, any opportunity to have a chance of arranging, the plausibility of conversing with Putin, yet assuming these endeavors fizzle, that would imply that this is a third World War,” he proceeded.

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its fourth week, Zelenskyy recognizes the expansion in earnestness to end the passing and slaughter.

“Everyone individual that believes that this discourse is shallow, that it won’t determine anything, they simply don’t comprehend that this is entirely important,” Zelenskyy added to Zakaria through the interpreter. “Assuming there is only 1% opportunity for us to stop this conflict, I imagine we want to take this risk, and we want to do that.”

Zelenskyy added that while Ukraine’s powers are retaliating and managing a “strong blow” to Russia’s intrusion, there are just too many people losing their lives due to it.

“I can’t inform you regarding the consequence of these exchanges,” Zelenskyy closed.” In any situation, we are losing individuals consistently, blameless individuals on the ground. Russian powers have come to eliminate us and to kill us.

“Furthermore, we have exhibited the pride of our kin and our military that we can bargain a strong blow. We can strike back, yet sadly our nobility won’t protect the lives.”