Wood Processing Firm Director Arrested in Vietnam Following Deadly Boiler Explosion

Dong Nai Province, located in southern Vietnam, is reeling from a tragic incident involving a deadly boiler explosion at a wood processing firm that resulted in six fatalities. The Chinese director of the Binh Minh Wood Production and Trading Company, Feng Yong, has been arrested for suspected negligence in connection to the explosion.

Authorities in Dong Nai Province have taken action by arresting Feng Yong, the director of the company, for allegedly failing to ensure proper evaluation and management of the boiler, leading to the catastrophic incident. As the legal representative of the firm, Feng is being investigated for work safety violations following the deaths of six individuals and injuries sustained by several others.

In response to the tragedy, seven Chinese experts working at the wood processing firm have been prohibited from leaving Vietnam to aid in the ongoing investigation. The Binh Minh company, known to employ around 200 workers, operates a boiler capable of producing 1,000 kg of vapor per hour.

The circumstances surrounding the explosion reveal that technical issues were identified by the firm, prompting a maintenance call to the manufacturer on April 30. Tragically, on May 1, during a routine check of the boiler by technical officers, the explosion occurred, resulting in fatalities as well as injuries.

One of the injured individuals, Hoang Van Kinh, shared his account of the incident, describing how metal shrapnel from the explosion struck him. The lack of registration for the boiler’s operation has also been cited as a contributing factor by authorities in Dong Nai.

The investigation into the boiler explosion continues in Dong Nai Province as authorities work to determine the full extent of negligence and safety violations that led to this devastating event. The community mourns the loss of life and hopes for justice to be served in the aftermath of this tragedy.