Witness Testifies About Starting Fatal Fire in Sudbury Townhouse for Drugs

Sudbury, Canada – A witness testified on Tuesday morning, recounting his involvement in a deadly fire that claimed three lives and injured another in a Sudbury townhouse. The witness, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, disclosed being a hardcore fentanyl addict at the time and in debt to his dealer, Liam Stinson. Stinson, aged 27, faces trial for three counts of first-degree murder and one count of recklessly causing damage by fire in connection to the April 11, 2021, arson incident.

During the trial, the witness revealed how he and another person used Molotov cocktails to start a fire in the Bruce Avenue residence, mistakenly believing no one was inside at the time. tragically, the fire took the lives of Jamie-Lynn Lori-Lee Rose, Jasmine Marie-Clair Somers, and Guy “Popcorn” Armand Henri. The sole survivor, David Cheff, managed to escape by jumping out a window.

The witness shared that he had an agreement with Stinson to erase his debt and obtain more fentanyl in exchange for starting the fire in the townhouse. However, there was no specified amount agreed upon for compensation. The witness acknowledged he wanted to settle his debts and acquire more drugs, leading him to ignite the fires.

Despite not knowing the exact location of the townhouse or the identities of its occupants, the witness proceeded with the arson alongside an acquaintance who was familiar with the area. He claimed they thought the residence was unoccupied and proceeded to throw lit Molotov cocktails inside the kitchen, aimed towards the smoke alarm.

Following the tragic outcome of the fire, the witness expressed regret and anger over the unintended consequences of his actions. He emphasized that causing harm to anyone was not part of the plan agreed upon with Stinson. Additionally, the witness detailed his drug transactions with Stinson, revealing that he had offered his flat-screen TV as collateral in exchange for more drugs.

As the trial continues, more insights into the events leading to the fatal fire are expected to unfold. The witness’s testimony sheds light on the complexities surrounding addiction, debt, and unintended consequences that culminated in a devastating loss of life on that fateful April day in Sudbury.