Violent Robbery-Related Murders Up 14% in Karachi in 2023: Authorities Sound Alarm

Residents of Karachi, Pakistan experienced a surge in violent street crime throughout 2023, with robberies resulting in 135 deaths and 1,150 injuries. This represents a 14% increase in murder during robbery incidents compared to the previous year. The District East reported the highest number of fatalities, followed by District Central and District West, whereas District South reported the fewest incidents.

In the majority of cases, victims were targeted by armed robbers firing upon them during robberies, resulting in over 1,100 resistance incidents and a significant loss of life. The victims included individuals from various walks of life, including traders, shopkeepers, students, religious scholars, government officers, and police personnel. This alarming trend has sparked feelings of insecurity among Karachi residents, who have criticized the authorities for failing to secure the city and protect its citizens.

Throughout the year, the city saw varying numbers of deaths each month, with January alone witnessing 15 deaths during robbery incidents. The rising death toll has raised concerns about the vulnerability of the youth, who appear to be increasingly targeted in robbery and extortion incidents. There have been calls for improved security measures to address the brazen presence of armed dacoits and looters in the city.

In response to the rising deaths and injuries in looting incidents, Karachi residents have expressed feelings of insecurity and criticized the failure of police authorities to protect its residents. This trend is reflected in the significant number of youths among those who lost their lives during robbery resistance. It is clear that the surge in violent crime has had a significant impact on the city and its residents, and there are growing calls for action to address the issue and improve safety for all residents.