Uncover a Chilling Cold Case with a Groundbreaking Investigative Podcast

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – A new podcast from Syracuse.com is delving deep into one of Upstate New York’s most horrific cold cases, seeking to shed new light on the unsolved murder of Carol Ryan.

In 1996, Carol Ryan, a 42-year-old mother, was found on the side of the road outside Syracuse, brutally beaten and raped with an explosive device. Despite the heinous nature of the crime, the case remains unsolved, leaving Carol’s friends and family feeling forgotten. However, a new true crime podcast, “Firecracker,” aims to bring attention back to this chilling case.

The podcast features fresh information and analysis from interviews with 30 sources, including Carol’s son, district attorney, medical examiner, detectives, forensic experts, and persons of interest in the case who have never spoken publicly before. It takes listeners through Carol’s life, from her upbringing in a small town to her tragic murder in Syracuse.

Listeners will hear about Carol’s early pregnancy, abusive marriage, and her move to Syracuse, where she lived a seemingly normal life before her violent death. The podcast also examines the gruesome details of Carol’s injuries, as well as the exhaustive efforts of law enforcement to solve the case, which still remains a mystery after 27 years.

“Firecracker” also introduces a number of disturbing suspects who have evaded justice, offering an in-depth journalistic investigation into the case. The hope is to keep Carol’s story alive and possibly generate new leads that could finally bring her killer to justice.

The podcast is a collaboration between Syracuse.com and Wondery+, and is now available for listeners to hear on Wondery+. If anyone has information about Carol Ryan’s case, they are encouraged to contact the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office.