Unbelievable twist: Wife’s DNA found on slain victims

RIVERHEAD, NY – A DNA sample taken from the estranged wife of the man accused of being the Gilgo Beach serial killer matches the genetic material found on the victims’ remains, law enforcement sources said. Asa Ellerup, whose hairs were discovered on the burlap that was used to wrap the victims, provided a cheek swab sample the night her husband, Rex Heuermann, was apprehended for the murders.

Prosecutors have cleared Ellerup of any involvement in the crimes, stating that she was out of town at the time the murders took place. Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to the charges of first and second-degree murder for the deaths of three women: Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Costello, and Megan Waterman. He is also considered the prime suspect in the killing of a fourth victim, Maureen Brainard Barnes, in the Gilgo Beach area.

In a separate development, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has disclosed that DNA from Heuermann’s cheek swab matches the genetic material he found on a pizza box recovered from a trash can near his Manhattan office.

The Gilgo Beach murders had haunted the Long Island community since 2010 when the remains of multiple individuals were discovered in a marshy area. The case gained national attention and sparked an intensive investigation. This recent DNA match provides a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation.

Authorities are now focused on building a strong case against Heuermann, who is currently awaiting trial. The revelation that his wife’s DNA matches the victims’ remains strengthens the prosecution’s argument and underscores the potential connection between the suspect and the crimes.

Having waited for years for answers and closure, the victims and their families hope that justice will be served at trial. The case has highlighted the need for improved measures to address serial killings and ensure the safety of communities across the country.

The investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders is a reminder of the tireless work of law enforcement officials and the profound impact of forensic science in solving complex criminal cases. As more details emerge and the trial unfolds, the focus will continue to be on seeking justice and providing closure for those affected by these heinous crimes.