Tragic Details Unveiled Surrounding Fatal Stabbing of 11-Year-Old Boy Defending Mother in Domestic Violence Attack

Chicago, Illinois – Newly unveiled court documents have revealed the tragic events that transpired leading to the untimely death of an 11-year-old boy in Edgewater. The boy, identified as Jayden Perkins, lost his life while attempting to protect his pregnant mother from a domestic violence attack.

According to reports, the perpetrator, Crosetti Brand, had a history of domestic abuse and had been released from prison just one day before the fatal incident. Brand had three orders of protection against him and had previously served time for violating one of these orders. Furthermore, he had a criminal record that included a 16-year sentence for home invasion and aggravated assault.

On the day of the attack, Brand forced his way into the family’s apartment as the victim, Jayden’s mother, was on a phone call with her own mother. Brand began stabbing the victim, and Jayden intervened to try to protect her. Tragically, the 11-year-old boy was fatally wounded in the process.

The situation escalated as the victim managed to lock herself in a bedroom, while Brand continued to kick at the door. Eventually, the victim emerged from the room to find her son, Jayden, lying motionless on the floor with fatal injuries. Fortunately, her other son, a 6-year-old boy, was unharmed during the attack.

Neighbors who heard screams from the apartment took action and called for help. Emergency personnel arrived to find Jayden with severe injuries, including a fatal wound to his cartoid artery. His mother, who sustained multiple stab wounds, was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Following the attack, Brand was captured on surveillance cameras discarding evidence and attempting to evade authorities. Despite his efforts to elude law enforcement, he was eventually apprehended at his residence.

Brand now faces a slew of charges including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, home invasion, armed robbery, aggravated domestic battery, unlawful use of a weapon, and violation of a protection order. The community is reeling from the tragic loss of Jayden and the traumatic events that unfolded, leaving many to question the effectiveness of existing protections against domestic violence perpetrators.