String of Gun Violence Plagues Savannah, Georgia: Two Dead and Dozens Injured

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A wave of gun violence has swept through Savannah, Georgia, leaving at least two people dead and several others injured in a series of incidents since Friday. The city has been rattled by a string of shootings, with multiple victims requiring medical attention as a result of the violence.

Law enforcement officials reported that the most recent and largest shooting took place just before midnight on Saturday in Ellis Square. Responding to reports of gunfire, police found numerous individuals injured at the scene. Authorities believe the altercation started between two females, leading unidentified individuals to open fire.

Victims of the shooting, 11 adults in total, were promptly treated and transported to the hospital for further care. Out of the injured, at least 10 were believed to have sustained gunshot wounds. The victims, ranging in age from 20 to 38, are undergoing treatment for their injuries.

Police stated that the incident in Ellis Square does not appear to be connected to gang activity. Surveillance footage is being reviewed to identify multiple individuals possibly involved in the shooting. Savannah Police, alongside Mayor Van Johnson, held a news conference to address the recent surge in shootings, with five incidents reported since Friday.

One of the shootings on Friday morning resulted in a woman sustaining a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The suspect, Kingsley Taylor, was arrested and charged with multiple offenses. Additionally, another shooting occurred on Waters Avenue, with the victim driving themselves to the hospital for treatment.

Tragically, another incident on Saturday led to the death of a young boy in the 1100 block of West 49th Street. Police responded to reports of an armed individual entering a home, where shots were fired, resulting in the boy succumbing to a gunshot wound. Investigations are ongoing for several of these shootings, urging anyone with information to contact law enforcement immediately.