Three Men Sentenced to Over 43 Years in Prison for Violent Attack in Redruth

Redruth, Cornwall – In a landmark legal ruling following a violent incident in Redruth, three individuals have been handed down substantial prison sentences totaling over 43 years. The disturbing incident, which transpired on July 6, 2023, involved a brutal assault that resulted in severe injuries to two victims. The sentencing occurred at Truro Crown Court on January 30, subsequent to a two-week trial that shed light on the chilling details of the offense.

Paul Amoah, a 39-year-old resident of Hawthorn Close, Redruth, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for charges including attempted murder, wounding with intent, and aggravated burglary. His accomplices, Lee Mitchell, 28, residing on Edmond Road, Redruth, and Gavin Smale, 44, from Fore Street, Redruth, received sentences of nine and seven years, respectively, for their involvement in the attack. Mitchell was convicted of two counts of wounding with intent and aggravated burglary, while Smale was found guilty of unlawful wounding and aggravated burglary.

During the trial, it was revealed that the trio, armed with a Baretta handgun and a hammer, forcefully entered a property on Drump Road. Surveillance footage played a crucial role in the case, capturing the men arriving at and fleeing from the scene. Inside the residence, a violent altercation unfolded, resulting in one victim being shot in the back and another being struck with a hammer. A third victim sustained a head injury while attempting to protect themselves in an upper-level room.

The timely response of law enforcement officials, led by Detective Inspector Dave Egan and his team, resulted in the apprehension of the perpetrators. Key evidence, including the handgun and hammer identified through DNA analysis, played a pivotal role in securing convictions.

The aftermath of the attack left one victim with life-threatening injuries, narrowly escaping death, underscoring the grim outcomes of gun violence. Detective Inspector Egan stressed the rarity of firearms offenses in the area while cautioning against the destructive impact of drug-related violence.

Superintendence Ian Thompson, Police Commander of West Cornwall, reassured the community of the infrequency of such serious offenses in Cornwall, lauding the swift and professional response of law enforcement. The incident has elicited widespread community support and cooperation, emphasizing the importance of public involvement in combating crime.

Individuals are urged to promptly report any suspicions or concerns about individuals carrying weapons to the authorities, either through the Devon & Cornwall Police online platform or by dialing 999 in emergencies.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the severe repercussions of armed violence and the unwavering commitment of the judicial system to hold accountable those responsible for such heinous acts.