The Rock Brutally Attacks Cody Rhodes, Sparks Family’s Fiery Reaction on WWE Raw

Chicago, Illinois – The latest WWE Raw episode concluded with a shocking turn of events as The Rock viciously assaulted Cody Rhodes, leaving him bloodied and battered. The altercation took place backstage, where The Rock unleashed a brutal attack on Cody, using various objects like garbage cans and a tool box before ultimately pushing him out of a door near his bus.

In a dramatic scene, The Rock continued to pummel Cody in the pouring rain, taunting him and berating him for interfering in his affairs. He even displayed a new white weight belt with the words ‘MAMA RHODES’ inscribed on it, smearing Cody’s blood on the belt in a disturbing fashion.

Making references to Dusty Rhodes and his iconic ‘Hard Times’ promo, The Rock promised to teach Cody a lesson about hard times before throwing him into the bus once again, blaming him for getting involved in his business.

Following the shocking segment, Cody’s wife Brandi and his brother, current AEW star Dustin Rhodes, expressed their thoughts on the incident. Brandi took to social media to caution The Rock about keeping a tight security detail at WrestleMania, while Dustin kept his response short and simple, calling The Rock a “son of a bitch.”

Earlier in the show, The Rock made an unannounced appearance, disrupting an in-ring segment with Cody Rhodes. The episode also featured a heated exchange involving CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, and Seth Rollins, with Punk making references to Jim Cornette and Vince McMahon while confirming his role for WrestleMania.

The intense altercation between The Rock and Cody Rhodes has left fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming WrestleMania event, set to take place in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the world of wrestling.