Ted Cruz Wants The FBI To Search Biden’s Senate Document At The University Of Delaware

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, is requesting a review of President Joe Biden’s Senate papers kept at the University of Delaware.

This comes after the FBI investigation of President Joe Biden’s Delaware home and the finding of additional sensitive documents that escalated the debate surrounding confidential documents found in his home and old office. The findings have also exacerbated the political ramifications. Biden’s personal attorney disclosed the 13-hour FBI visit to Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home on Saturday evening, stating that the Justice Department removed six documents, some of which were from the President’s Senate service and some of which were from his time as Vice President, with classification markings. Bob Bauer, an attorney, claimed that the agency also confiscated some handwritten notes from the vice presidential years.

Sen. Cruz was questioned on his podcast on Monday about the Justice Department’s inquiry into sensitive records housed at Biden’s think tank in Washington, D.C., and his residence in Delaware. Cruz was asked by co-host Ben Ferguson why Democrats have questioned Biden’s handling of secret materials.

Cruz remarked during the tenth minute of his Monday broadcast. That the next stage in this scandal will be to determine if Biden’s Senate documents contain secret materials outside of classified settings, which is prohibited; how many other classified documents are illegally present in his Senate papers?

The University of Delaware is housing more than 1,850 boxes of records from Joe Biden’s time in the Senate, which he donated to the institution. Presumably, the University of Delaware no longer stores them in a SCIF, and it does not store them securely, Cruz continued.

Cruz is now requesting that the Department of Justice and FBI analyze all 1,850 boxes of these Senate papers to determine how many additional classified documents they include. The correct response should be none. Cruz stated that given Biden’s pattern, the was little confidence and every reason to believe that these 1,850 boxes of Senate records do contain multiple classified materials.

The University of Delaware received Biden’s Senate records from 1973 through 2009. According to its website, the school will not distribute the materials until two years after Biden retires from public office.

Former Senate worker Tara Reade accused Biden of assault, drawing focus to the papers during the 2020 presidential election. She claims that the records provide proof to back her charge.

After the institution declined its requests for access to the data, Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) filed a Delaware Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to receive the materials in 2020. Judicial Watch and the DCNF have filed an appeal with the Delaware Supreme Court in an effort to reverse a lower court’s decision to prevent the release of the documents.