Speedway Building Linked to 1978 Burger Chef Murders to be Demolished for Dental Office

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The former Burger Chef building in Speedway, Indiana will soon be demolished, marking the end of a location linked to a notorious unsolved crime. Forty-five years ago, the site was where four young workers were abducted and found slain two days later in a field in a different county. The building, located a short distance west from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, will be replaced by a dental office, according to town officials.

The building at 5725 Crawfordsville Road has undergone changes over the years, including a recent stint as a pawn shop that closed in 2016. Now, it will be transformed yet again, erasing the dark history associated with the Burger Chef restaurant that once stood there. The redevelopments come after years of failed attempts to sustain successful businesses in the former fast-food location.

The infamous crime took place in 1978, when the four young fast-food workers were abducted at closing time, their bodies later found in a Johnson County field. The heinous act left a lasting mark on the community, as former Speedway police officer Bill Jones affirmed, “People drive by and see the building and they’re always reminded of what happened here.”

The news of the building’s demolition signifies the end of an era, as the once-thriving Burger Chef chain, now defunct, holds a place in history as well. The demolition and subsequent redevelopment of the site serve as a poignant reminder of the tragic event that took place there 45 years ago.