Shocking Promposal Gone Wrong: Student Hit by Speeding Porsche

Chandler, Arizona – A promposal took a dangerous turn when a speeding Porsche struck a high school student on school property. The incident unfolded as the Porsche driver ignored a stop sign and crashed into a student riding a motorcycle, causing the motorcyclist to be flung into the air. A school resource officer and the school principal witnessed the collision.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Both the driver of the Porsche and the officer later admitted that the incident was part of an elaborate promposal gone wrong. After the crash, the officer approached the driver and his girlfriend, attempting to provide reassurance and limit any potential consequences. The officer assures the driver that because the school is on private property, there is no need for a ticket. In bodycam footage, the student can be heard acknowledging that driving through the stop sign was intended as part of the plan.

As a result of the accident, the family of the injured student plans to file a lawsuit against the city and school district. According to the motorcyclist’s legal representation, the Porsche driver claimed to have permission from the officer and school administration to disregard the stop sign to create a memorable promposal moment. This revelation left the victim’s sister, Macy Vannasap, stunned and heartbroken, emphasizing her shock at the adults’ willingness to break the law for the sake of another student’s proposal.

April Speelmon, the attorney representing the injured student’s family, described the incident as “very tragic.” The school district has refrained from commenting on the ongoing litigation. The officer involved stated that the Porsche driver was meant to navigate the stop sign cautiously but instead accelerated through it. Despite the accident’s severity, authorities have not pressed charges against the Porsche driver. He expressed deep remorse towards his injured friend, emphasizing their longtime friendship since sixth grade.

The school district has opted to refrain from commenting on the ongoing litigation. The officer’s account highlights that the Porsche driver was expected to exercise caution at the stop sign but instead chose to accelerate. Even though he is currently not facing charges, the remorseful driver expressed deep regret for the injury to his childhood friend.